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What Does a Real Estate Agent REALLY Do?

When you’re planning to buy or sell a property you must hire a licensed real estate agent. They help you know the current market trends and fix the price for your property, negotiate the price and close the deal.

A real estate agent’s responsibilities include:

Listing homes on the Multiple Listing Service (for sellers)

Advising homeowners/buyers on a home’s overall condition

Preparing paperwork


Communicating with the title company, mortgage lender, and other parties for closing the deal.

Experienced agents know what questions to ask, and what to look for in a home and ensure you get the best deal. They also earn a commission for their services i.e a fixed percentage of the final sale price. Listing agents will charge 5-6% of the final sale in commission.

A realtor will help in,

Listing Of Properties

Real estate agents help in advertising properties to prospective buyers. Most of the agents will have websites where buyers are able to find them easily.

Rent, buy, or sell the property for clients

This is the most popular job of a real estate agent. They help their clients to rent, buy or sell properties. If you want to buy a property then get help from a real estate agent, this is the best decision a real estate investor can make in the buying process.

Property Maintenance

Real estate agents will help their clients to maintain their properties. They will assist to declutter the space, doing all the repairs, and help to keep your home presentable. The property owner hires a real estate agent to look after the property.