Curriculum by Age

Infant Class (6 weeks - 12 months)

Saint Michael’s builds trusting relationships between parents, children, and our loving staff.  We put care and safety as a top priority. Teachers have the opportunity to bond with each child on an individual basis as it slowly evolves to a group schedule as the children grow and develop.    Learning activities related to sight, sound, and language help nurture the confidence and curiosity for your infant. 


We introduce our youngest children to new experiences through language, physical, social, and cognitive development.  Teachers encourage communication with the children through verbalization and the introduction of American Sign Language.   The infants will be encouraged to explore and develop through crawling, pulling up, standing, and walking.  Our teachers continually show comfort to encourage love and respect.  Our infants progress through books, stories, songs, art, and other age-appropriate STEAM concepts.  

Young Toddler Class (12 months - 18 months)

Saint Michael’s recognizes the transition of our toddlers from infants to active, independent preschoolers. These children engage in age-appropriate active, sensory-based, activities that improve coordination, increase verbal skills, and introduce problem-solving.  Teachers provide positive guidance to encourage sharing and fostering friendships.  


We encourage the use of books, songs and identifying objects to increase vocabulary skills. Our teachers work to continue communication with expanding the use of American Sign Language.  Through active play, our students strengthen fine motor skills and expand relationships with peers to further foster their relationships. Our toddler’s progress through books, stories, songs, colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet, music, art and nature  activities.  

Older Toddler Class (18 months - 2 years)


​Teachers continue to foster language development and focus attention on your child’s growing interests and abilities.  Their language increases through reading and identifying objects, as well as the continued use of American Sign Language.  We encourage our students to build friendships through positive interactions.  Our toddlers make new discoveries through books, songs, colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet, music, art and nature activities.

2-Year Old Class

Preschoolers continue their quest for knowledge while satisfying their natural curiosity.  Our teachers strive to encourage thinking and problem-solving skills and foster independence and social skills. The curriculum includes centers with more variety and weekly/bi-weekly units to encourage discovery. The consistency of this environment begins to offer opportunities to further our student’s development through books, music, science, math, cause and effect, art, alphabet, numbers, counting, shapes and colors.  Teachers further encourage our student’s independence as they begin potty training.  

3-Year Old Class

Saint Michael’s creates units that are designed to interest this age group and emphasize sharing, getting along with others, kindness, and self-reliance while preparing for kindergarten and beyond. Children are advancing their skills through prewriting concepts that strengthen letter recognition and naming of letters, in order to build their vocabulary. We continue to foster the STEAM curriculum for this age with science, math, nature, culture/diversity, alphabet, books, music, problem-solving, and begin an introduction of a second language.  

Pre-Kindergarten Class 


Our Pre-kindergarten curriculum emphasizes skills related to writing, numbers, art, science, math, and problem-solving in preparation for Kindergarten. The curriculum is enriched with art activities, music, P.E., and Spanish.  We strive to develop young minds that have the skills and thinking they need to discover their potential and be well-prepared and eager to learn!    

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