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Part-time Enrollment Plan

There have been requests from the homeschool community for the opportunity to attend selected courses in Saint Michael’s college preparatory curriculum. Part-time students will join ongoing classes whenever possible.

Course Offerings

Note that not all grade-levels of subjects are taught each year, depending on enrollment and ability. Please see website for Curriculum specifics.

Non-Science Core subjects by age/grade/ability level: English Literature, Mathematics, Foreign Languages (Latin, French, Spanish), History/Geography. These courses meet every day for one 42 minute period (5 times a week).

Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Material Science. These courses meet 6 (six) times a week: four 42-minute periods & one double-period laboratory.

Advanced Placement: Mathematics, Chemistry, or English. As needed for individual students. These courses meet for 7 (seven) 42-minute periods a week.

Enrichment subjects: Art, Music, Physical Education meet for 2 (two) 42-minute periods a week.

Sacred Studies (Logic, Philosophy, Ethics, World Religions) meets for 1 (one) 42-minute period a week.

Course Costs*

Non-refundable application fee: $50/course. Two letters of recommendation and report cards from previous courses completed are required with single application form. A placement test from the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) will be required for academic courses.

Core subject tuition — $1250/year EACH course
Science tuition — $1500/year EACH course
Advanced Placement courses — $1750/year EACH course
Enrichment subjects tuitions — $500/year EACH course meeting twice/week
Sacred Studies — $250/year

NOTE: Once the class “makes” and parents sign a contract for a course, they will be responsible for the entire year’s tuition for that course. Lunches are NOT included in tuition, and may be brought from home or bought at school.

General Expectations

Because Saint Michael’s has a very special family atmosphere and culture, we would expect that part-time students conform to that ethos, wearing the minimum school uniform (khakis and school shirt), obeying the school rules, participating whenever appropriate in school events, and keeping up with weekly notifications in the school newsletter, Nuntius Familiae.


* All prices are subject to change.

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