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Saint Michael’s Pre-School

Ages: 6 weeks–Jr. K (4–5)
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Attendance: Full time (5 days) or your choice of number of days – full or half time
Meals: Parent furnishes lunch, school furnishes two snacks and milk/juice
Chapel: Two days a week (2- to 4-year olds)
Music and cooking activities: Two’s and Three’s year round, Four’s Summer only
Sign Language: Infants–Two’s
Assessments: Infants–Two’s, four times a year.  Three’s and Four’s–three times a year.


Infants: Beginning with 6 weeks: Teacher/child ratio of 1/4, class size 9. Care and safety is the priority. The teachers build a trusting relationship with the parent and child. The schedule is introduced on an individual basis and slowly evolves to a group schedule as the children grow. The learning activities build skills related to sight, sound and language. Activities build confidence and curiosity. Books, stories, songs, art and colors are introduced.

Toddlers: 1 year of age by October 1: Teacher/child ratio of 1/6, class size 12. Children engage in active, sensory-based, exciting activities, with different learning units each month that improve coordination, increase verbal skills, and introduce problem-solving. Teachers give positive guidance to encourage sharing and getting along with others. Books, stories, songs, colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, music, art and nature activities.

Two’s: 2 years of age by October 1: Teacher/child ratio of 1/8, class size 12. Potty training begins. The curriculum includes centers with more variety and weekly/bi-weekly units that encourage thinking and problem-solving skills and foster independence and social skills. Books, music, science, math, cause and effect, art, alphabet, numbers counting, shapes and colors.

Three’s: 3 years old by October 1: Teacher/child ratio of 1/12, class size 16. The weekly/bi-weekly units are designed to interest this age group and emphasize sharing, getting along with others, kindness, and self-reliance while preparing for kindergarten and beyond. Writing, science, math, nature, culture/diversity, alphabet, books, music and problem-solving.

Four’s: 4 years old by October 1: Teacher/child ratio of 1/16, class size 16. We currently have two classes of 12. The curriculum prepares children for kindergarten. Emphasis is on skills related to writing, numbers, art, science, math, and problem-solving. The curriculum is enriched with art activities, music, P.E., Spanish and French. Four’s are paired with first and second graders (who have had special “buddy” training) who play with them at recess and help the Four’s participate in school activities.

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