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Lower School (K-4)

Kindergarten Curriculum

English Language: Form letters, distinguish sounds, recognize words. Classic children’s literature read to children.

Mathematics: Count to 200, count by 2s and 5s, recognize number words, math terms, add and subtract. Simple geometric shapes.

Science: Who, what, where, why and when: exploring the world around us.

Social Studies: School and socialization; community helpers such as police, firemen and doctors.

Art and Music: Weekly theme units carries out with crafts, songs, finger play. Rhythm instruments.

Foreign Language: French and Spanish stories, games, visuals, weekly units with basic commands and nouns.

Grade 1 Curriculum

English Language: Expressing ideas in writing: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, sentence structure. Expressive oral reading, creative writing, journals.

Mathematics: Number names to 100, addition, subtraction facts to 20, odd and even numbers, money, telling time, calendar, simple fractions, greater/less than.

Science: What is science, who are scientists, scientific tools. Physical science, earth science, life science, chemical science. Seasonal current events; gardening.

Social Studies: Citizenship, communities, home and family. Getting along, learning about each other.

Art and Music: Symbols in art, light, styles of art, media, simple drawings. Singing alone and with others. Reading and writing music using traditional notation. Music appreciation.

Foreign Language: Simple French and Spanish sentences, commands, short poems and songs.

Grade 2 Curriculum

English Language: Rules for verb tenses, noun forms, spelling lists, identifying parts of speech, comprehensively answering questions. Cursive writing. Reading chapter books, discussing writing style and characterization. Pageant participation.

Mathematics: Counting to 1,000, place value to 1,000, Roman numerals I-XX, counting backwards by 2s, 5s and 10s. Renaming and regrouping, two and three-digit addition and two-digit subtraction.

Science: Divisions of science in more depth: general applications and explorations. Observation of nature, making notes, using our senses and appropriate tools.

Social Studies: American legends, introduction to U.S. geography. Presidents, states, national holidays, seasonal celebrations.

Art and Music: Line in drawing and painting, effects of color on colors and on emotions. Singing alone and with others. Performing on instruments alone and with others. Reading and writing music using traditional notation. Music appreciation. Improvisation.

Foreign Language: Writing French and Spanish, phonetic understanding, accent marks, composition, games.

Grade 3 Curriculum

English Language: Review capitalization and punctuation rules, parts of speech. Phonics in spelling. Develop writing and editing skills: compose range of forms, including personal letters, newspaper articles, Handwriting skills. Gather and organize information for a report. Develop critical reading skills. Pageant participation.

Mathematics: Review addition and subtraction place values and facts up to four-digit numbers. Solve equations. Multiplication tables through 12: multiplication and division as inverse operations. Geometry skills. Laws of arithmetic. Identify equivalent fractions using models. Money values, making change.

Science: Simple machines. Inventions and inventors. Elements and compounds. Everyday science. Continuing observation skills and tool use. Weather terminology and measurement. Plants and nutrition.

Social Studies: History and culture of North American tribes; effect of climate and natural resources on ways of life. Study early colonization of North America. Develop larger sense of the world, of hemispheres, continents, regions and climates. Interdependence of peoples. Introduction to map skills.

Art and Music: Identify and practice compositional elements in various media and discuss works of art. Help produce costumes, props, sets for plays. Singing alone and with others. Performing on instruments alone and with others. Reading and writing music using traditional notation. Music appreciation. Soprano recorder introduced.

Foreign Language: French and Spanish “Total Physical Response” stories: vocabulary and grammar through role playing.

Grade 4 Curriculum

English Language: Review and retain all previous skills. Augment listening skills; translate oral information into written form. Memorize poetry. Use cursive writing. Editing skills; alphabetizing. Understand different literary forms; figures of speech.

Mathematics: Retain and practice previous skills. Long division. Math vocabulary. Operations on fractions. Laws of arithmetic; averaging, set concepts. Geometric constructions; measurement, simple graphs, solving word problems.

Science: Elementary Earth Science. Measurement and mapping. Stars, the Solar System, Earth and the Moon. States of matter, minerals and crystals. Geology, weathering. Weather fronts, air masses and meteorology, daily observations.

Social Studies: Ancient civilizations: Egypt, Mesopotamia, MesoAmerica and India. Folktales, original and secondary sources. Project research and presentation, map studies.

Art and Music: Interpret music through painting; creation of spatial illusion in drawings. Singing alone and with others. Performing on instruments alone and with others. Reading and writing music. Music appreciation. Recorder playing. Solfeggio singing and playing.

Foreign Language: French and Spanish “TPR” continued with gradual introduction of more complex grammatical concepts.

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