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Allysa Ballard, Business Manager
Constance Brown, English and Sacred Studies
Constance Brown

Constance Brown
English and Sacred Studies

I grew up in Northern New York, and taught fifth grade in Schenectady and Ithaca for four years. After a year of teaching sixth grade in Nebraska, and three more years raising daughters, Kirk and I and our children moved to The Netherlands for a year before making our home here in Bryan/College Station. Kirk was a professor at TAMU for 30 years.

Eventually, while working on my MA in English at TAMU, I began teaching again at St. Michael’s Academy, where our daughter was a student, starting with Sacred Studies and gradually adding fifth and sixth grade English and ninth grade Ancient Lit. Along the way, there were also years of American History and Texas History, with lots of field trips around the state. As sixth grade homeroom teacher, I joined the Life Science teachers in taking the fifth and sixth grades on a camping trip to Brazos Bend State Park every year for about 20 years.

During most of that time, there was also the Chapel Choir, one of my greatest joys. What blessings—sharing fascinating history, stories of the Bible, wonderful literature, and, to top it all off, the great music of the church with amazing St. Michael’s students!
Last of all, like any proper grandparent, I cannot fail to mention that I have seven wonderful grandchildren.

Sophie Durre, Latin
Lupe Garces, Kindergarten
Lupe Garces

Lupe Garces, Junior Kindergarten

Shayna Harlow, Science
Shari Hilding, Math, Grades 7&8 Earth Science
Grades 7&8 Earth Science

Shari Hilding
Grades 7&8 Earth Science

I hold Bachelor of Science (triple major) degrees in Earth Science, Chemistry, and Biology from the University of Wisconsin; a Master’s degree in Geosciences from TAMU, and am currently writing my dissertation for a PhD in Geology (also TAMU). My teaching experience ranges from BISD 3rd-5th; NISD 6th-8th grades; college-level introductory geology, and paleontology. This year I am blessed to teach 7th and 8th grade earth science at Saint Michael’s. I have participated in educational research for various STEM subjects, completed the TAMU Information Technology in Science certificate program, and was awarded the TAMU Distinguished Graduate Teaching award. When I’m not teaching, working on research, or writing manuscripts, I enjoy gardening, hiking, biking, exploring, reading, and volunteer work.

Ramona Kuciemba, Grades 3&4 and ESL
Ramona Kuciemba

Ramona Kuciemba
Grades 3&4 and ESL

My name is Ramona Kuciemba and I teach the core subjects to third and fourth grade, as well as English as a Second Language to several high school students here at St. Michael’s. This is my twenty-ninth year of teaching. I am retired from the public schools and have taught kindergarten, second, third, fourth and fifth grade throughout my career. My Alma Mater is Texas A&M and I graduated from Bryan High. My hobbies are reading, swimming, making photo books online, and decorating my house. Both my husband and I love to travel. We went to Italy recently and that was a dream come true! I have a married daughter who is a nurse practioner in Houston, and a son in grad school at UTSA, majoring in Physics. We also have a grandson, Beau, who constantly brings us joy, and another grandbaby on the way. My goal, when I retired from the public schools, was to teach in a private school. I feel so fortunate to teach at St. Michael’s and am enjoying every minute of my time here!

Sandra Liceaga, Spanish and Grades 5&6 Homeroom
Sandra Liceaga

Sandra Liceaga
Spanish and Grades 5&6 Homeroom

My name is Sandra Liceaga. I’m from Veracruz, Mexico. I have been married for 21 years, and I have two children. Alejandra is 19 years old and she is a freshman at Texas A&M and Ricky is 10 years old and he is in fourth grade.

My family and I moved to this country 14 years ago, because the company where my husband worked in Mexico transferred him here. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and for many years I worked as an Engineer in Mexico, but my life changed a lot since I moved here. I am not an engineer anymore. Now I am a Spanish teacher. I have been working at St. Michael’s for 8 years and I love it!

I love to teach and I love to be around my students. I always try to do my best and I am always willing to help my students not only academically. My students know they can come to me with any problem or concern or even to share a funny story and I am going to be there for them.

Emilia Perez, Office Manager
Sara Miller, Music and Grades 7&8 Homeroom
Sara Miller

Sara Miller
Music and Grades 7&8 Homeroom

Jenny Morris, Head of School
Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris
Head of School

I was born in London, England, within the sound of Bow Bells (which makes me a Cockney) and still own a home there. It seems incredible that from the age of 21, I’ve taught in the USA, Canada, and England, with a couple of short breaks to have children and to take further degrees. There was never a question of doing anything else. That “Ah ha” moment, when a student understands something, is very appealing.My background is almost exclusively as an educator. I studied to become a teacher for three years at Saffron Walden College of Education (near Cambridge, but in Essex, England). This course involved learning about the philosophy and psychology of education as well as extensive teaching practices in local schools. Essentially, it was a “sink or swim” approach to becoming a teacher. During my second teaching practice, I was presented with an Acme Thunderer whistle (which I still use to this day) and a bouquet of flowers. Also, I have undergraduate degrees from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, in England (in Education), University of British Columbia, in Canada (in English) and a Master’s degree in English Literature from Texas A & M University.

I have three years’ experience in teaching English at Junior High level in England as well as at Saint Michael’s in the ‘90s (but my focus was American Literature then), when I was Head of Lower School; six years’ experience at Saint Michael’s teaching various age groups from 1989 to 1995, when I also served as Teacher’s Representative on the Saint Michael’s School Board; and twelve years’ experience in England as a Senior Teacher with responsibilities as a Special Services Coordinator and Gifted and Talented Coordinator. Also, I have taught as a Kindergarten teacher for two terms at a tough school in Outer London, a Grade 2 teacher at a very exclusive elementary school in Cambridge, and a substitute teacher in West Vancouver, Canada; Cambridge, England; and the Dallas School Board, USA. Then I returned as Head of Lower School/Special Services/Grade 4 to Saint Michael’s as of 2010.

Our daughters, Julia and Kate, enjoyed being students at Saint Michael’s from 1989 – 1995. Operettas, foreign languages, Sciences, and the Arts gave them confidence and a certain academic rigor which continues to serve them well. After all, Saint Michael’s is still the best private school in the Brazos Valley. If there is any doubt about this, check out our PSIA results.

I am excited and happy to serve as Head of School at Saint Michael’s.

Barbara Nowell, Grades 1&2
Elizabeth Puller, Upper School Math
My name is Elizabeth Puller and I hold a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics with honors from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree in computer science from Indiana University. I have taught at St. Michael’s for over eight years, and currently have two children enrolled. I previously taught at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California and North Bay Marin School in Mill Valley, CA. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, hiking, and playing violin.
Rhonda Corn-Kidd, Pre-school Director
Cathy Rylander, Art
Cathy Rylander

Cathy Rylander

Nicholas Tate, Head of Middle & Upper School, History, Government and Grades 9-12 Homeroom
Nicholas Tate

Nicholas Tate
Head of Middle & Upper School, History, Government & Grades 9-12 Homeroom



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